"We are an intelligent spices and the use of our intelligence quite properly gives us pleasure"... said by Carl Sagan.

If we choose our profession as per our desires, our soul gets satisfaction and at this level of satisfaction we are the "REAL ACHIVERS". I exactly did this and I choose "TAROT CARD READING" for myself and I know I am a "REAL ACHIVER". As a woman I am a very simple woman as like others and I am a proud mother of a darling daughter. My husband Acharya ji is my mentor and spiritual guide. I couldn't do anything without his support and motivation; he is a divine PROPHET for me. I born in a family where my grand father and other senior generations did very tough spiritual practices: Where we learn spiritual and our Hindu rituals by birth. We belongs a very secret cult and we practice "TANTRA MANTRA" like a child who plays with a toy. We communicate with souls like humans, we help them and we take guidance from them.

My parents both are astrologer and practicing from last many years. My father is a very good mathematician that's why he is very good in astrology calculations and my mother: she is very much intuitive and sensitive with the energies and offcourse she is a very good astrologer too. My grand father and my uncle did so many secret practices with a great "SHANKRACHARYA" and "NATH YOGIS"; here I am not allowed to open this secret more. This respectful education is floating in our blood, we don't need to learn from outside because our home is a hub of spiritual education. My maternal grand father practicing about the "CHAKRA EDUCATION" with a very respected and owner able "GURU JI". I learnt so many secrets from him about this subject. So I got a wonderful family where I learnt everything without any tough efforts.

I remember the day when I first time saw my love and my passion "TAROT CARDS". It was January 23, 1997. I was in Delhi and it was a book exhibition. I saw a Tarot deck it was attracting me and unfortunately I had not sufficient amount to buy that. My friend gave me some credit and I bought that. It was a major change in my recent life. When I bought that, my mother was in my mind and I was excited to give this deck to her. In 1997 Tarot card reading was a very rare method to predict future and I wanted that my mother should read about it. But "DESTINY WAS BUSY IN WRITING SOMETHING ELSE".... It was "ME" who was chosen for this. When I gave this gift to my mother she said that I am not comfortable in English literature it will be good that you read and translate this subject for me.... Oops.. Now a new responsibility was on my shoulders, I said myself: "well I will do this". I couldn't teach my mother till now but I am teaching TAROT CARD READING from 2002. Thousand of students learnt this beautiful science from me and doing pretty well.

I invented so many SECRET TECHNIQUES in Tarot Readings. For example a very ACCURATE TIME CALCULATION TECHNIQUE which has proven correct, all the times and about other reading techniques you can know more from my website www.tarotgita.com.

1999 July, it was that time when I interact with some very high level spiritual subjects. I saw a news paper advertisement: it was about some Yoga and Meditation techniques, I was searching for this only so it was a "WOW" factor for me. I completed my research and Doctorate in YOGA AND MEDITATION IN 2002, I learnt high level meditation techniques and HYPNOSIS, PAST LIFE REGRESION THERAPIES there. I read MANY LIVES MANY MASTERS of Dr. Brian L Weiss.... Then I read "AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A YOGI".... It was my first interaction with YOGANAND JI; it changed my life completely now I am calmer and relaxed with every challenge of my life. I am using NLP methods for resolving problems of relationships and other emotional issues. I am teaching HYPNOTHEREPY, NLP, PAST LIFE REGRESSION from 2004. This teaching gives me every day a new experience; I can see the every colour shade of human faces here. Now it is a very better understanding with the NATURE. I am happy because I am working for and with every human being. When we understand secret codes of symbols or when we understand the language of Nature our life become easier for us. For an example: when we go out from home, what ever comes in our front or whatever attracts us, which clicked to our mind then it is a strong signal from NATURE ............. Do not avoid this ... never ever... see the sky or trees or road, peoples, animals and everything, suddenly something will appear in front of you as a message of divine GOD. Your day will be accordingly. When someone comes to me for his DREAM ANALYSIS, I don't follow the books; I don't follow the other's opinion about it, I advice everyone that kindly listen to your heart. Your mind is telling you truth don't follow other's preaches. Some myths like water means this and that, stars means bla bla bla... please here your inner voice is your actual guide listen it carefully. When I teach COFFEE CUP READING or CRYSTAL BALL GAZING, I advice all my students that we have some certain rules for this but when you are doing it for your friend or anyone then first follow your intuition, listen your inner voice then the rules of COFFEE CUP READING or CRYSTAL BALL GAZING.

I respect my profession because it has given me an identity; it gives me a very deep relaxation without any meditation. I love to share other's pain and I feel proud when I give them a right solution. When people trust me and I help them I feel that I am pleasing my divine God. I believe that when we do something good for the human grounds our divine God remove all the hurdles and obstacles form our life. My motive of this life is spread love and peace in this world. I am working with an NGO also where we help the slum area children. We provide them all the facility for necessary education. We have built a school building, where all the students are learning without fees. We provide new school uniform to everyone- every year. Our NGO is providing them free meal everyday, stationery and other important things. I am sharing with you because I want to motivate you to help others with any which ways you can do.

Say with me that: I love my self and I love everyone and everything because this world is created by my divine God and I love my divine source of energy I love my "MAA BHAVANI"......


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